009 | People, Turf, and Sunrises Make for a Happy Career with Darren Davis

Episode 009

People, Turf, and Sunrises Make for a Happy Career

with guest Darren Davis

We are excited to introduce Golf Course Superintendent and 82nd President of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Darren Davis, on this episode of Leadership on the Links! 

Darren has been in the golf industry for 35 years, serving as the Superintendent of the Olde Florida Golf Club for the majority of his career. 

Darren sits down with Tyler to discuss his tenure in the golf industry and how he got his start back in 1989. He gives key insights into the status of the industry and how aspiring superintendents can kick start their careers. 

In this episode, Darren expresses his love for the industry, sharing why he is eager each morning to get back on the course. 

If You Find a Job You Love, You Don’t Work a Day in Your Life

While this saying may seem cliché, for Darren, it is mostly true. When he wakes up each morning, he looks forward to watching the sunrise on the golf course and getting his day started. Of course, throughout his 35-year career, Darren has put in the hard work, ultimately paying off and leading to a successful career. 

The key to loving your career in the golf industry is remembering your passion for what you do. Whether it is working with people, being in nature, or starting the day with a beautiful sunrise, it is important to appreciate the little things. 

Strive for New Goals Throughout Your Career

Even after 35 years in the industry, Darren continues to set goals for himself. This is how he maintains his longevity in the industry and keeps his mindset on the future. 

As the state of golf continues to evolve due to pandemics, weather changes, or any other factors, having goals can help you navigate tough times and stay focused. 

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Ah yes, another cliché that does have a lot of truth behind it. Darren strongly believes in the power of teamwork, breaking it down into the T.E.A.M. acronym (Together Everyone Achieves More). 

By building relationships with your teammates and championing other people’s ideas, you can all reach higher limits. A huge component of teamwork functioning is having a strong mission statement and set of values that everyone knows and practices at work. This includes everyone from the CEO to the newest employee. 

Be Humble

As you progress through your career, you may be open to new possibilities and achievements. While it is great to be proud of yourself, it is also important to practice a sense of humility.

Those who earn the most respect in the industry are those who know where they came from and who helped them along the way. To this day, Darren continues to speak highly of those who influenced and mentored him. 

Enjoy this episode with Superintendent and former GSA President, Darren Davis…


“It really is an industry that’s more about people than it is turf.”

“You need to write your goals down and continually update them.”

“We’re going to be more successful as we function as a team together, everyone accomplishes more.”

“I’m a big believer in the saying that you’re the author of your own destiny.”

“Setting goals is extremely important in my life.”

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