010 | Human-Centric Best Practices to Ace Your Hiring Process with Ryan McNally

Episode 010

Human-Centric Best Practices to Ace Your Hiring Process

with guest Ryan McNally

We are excited to introduce our very own Operations Manager, Ryan McNally, on this episode of Leadership on the Links! 

Ryan has been with Tyler Bloom Consulting just shy of three years now. His focus is on our recruiting arm of services, where he does talent outreach, client and candidate coordination, and background and reference checks. Essentially, Ryan ensures our entire recruitment process is seamless from start to finish. He succeeds in this role due to his commitment to relationship-building and a human-centric approach to recruiting.

Prior to his time here, Ryan worked as a Sales Director at J.G. Wentworth, where he oversaw a staff of 15 and $24 million in sales. After working in sales for nearly 12 years, Ryan switched gears in his career, finding that working with us allowed more opportunities for growth and variety. 

In this episode, Ryan McNally shares his key insights into a more human-focused hiring process.

Finding the Right Candidate Isn’t So Simple Anymore

Like many industries, gone are the days of simply posting a job online to attract the right candidates for your golf course. Recruiting nowadays requires a lot more nuance and relationship-building.

By hiring a recruiter, you are saving your team’s time and bandwidth. A recruiter can tap into their network and use their organized process to attract a better pool of qualified candidates. They also have the skills to connect with candidates on a deeper level throughout the hiring process.  

The Perfect Candidates Doesn’t Exist

While you can find someone who is pretty darn near perfect for your role, it’s important to remember that we are all humans who make mistakes and have more growing to do. What’s really important is finding candidates who are passionate about the industry and are eager to do the work.

Recruiters need to move beyond a candidate’s resume and dig a bit deeper to find out what makes them tick. This includes asking the right questions and finding out what they love about the golfing industry. 

While on-paper qualifications are great, it’s a candidate’s personality that solidifies whether they are a good match for the job. Even if someone has an unconventional background, their ability to learn may make them the right person to hire. 

People Want to Learn From Their Failures

So often, when people are in the midst of their job search they get ghosted, meaning they never hear back from the employer. By reaching out to an unselected candidate with some feedback, you are showing a sign of courtesy and respect that can go a long way.

Who knows, you might find a candidate who didn’t work out for one role might be a great choice for another. Remembering the person behind every application can help you foster positive relationships and expand your network. It is also just a kind thing to do. 

Enjoy this episode with Operations Manager, Ryan McNally…


“A lot of people find their love for this industry by happenstance.”

“I think there really is something to be said about the idea that you can get that instant gratification for doing something with your hands.”

“Hire for someone who has a desire, someone that wants to learn, that’s open to learning, someone that shows an excitement.” 

“I just feel like hiring for someone on who they are, their personality is more important than what’s on a resume, everything else can be taught.”

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