004 | Ace the Interview for Your Golf Dream Job with Jacqueline Severidt

Episode 004

Ace the Interview for Your Golf Dream Job

with guest Jacqueline Severidt

Since helping her husband earn his first superintendent position more than a decade ago, Jacqueline Severidt has made a career out of coaching golf executives up the career ladder. Her do’s and don’ts are essential for anyone aiming to retire from their next position.

Jacqueline is the founder and owner of Severidt Consulting, a private club marketing firm, and has nearly 20 years of experience securing contracts for businesses and individuals. For more than a decade, she has been supporting top individuals in the golf club industry as they earn premier positions along the East Coast, raising the standard for talent acquisition.

Jacqueline assists with strategy, portfolio creation, and pre-interview support, including presentations and coaching. She has successfully secured contracts for individuals at all leadership levels, from first assistants to general managers and department heads. Her clients have been hired at prestigious clubs such as Congressional Country Club, Columbia Country Club, Chevy Chase Club, Woodmont Country Club, Round Hill Club, The Buffalo Club, Washington Golf and Country Club, and many more.

Jacqueline is married to Ryan Severidt, the director of golf courses and grounds operations at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland. The couple has two children.

Top 2 Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

After helping golf executives secure leadership positions for more than 10 years, Jacqueline has seen application portfolios that run the gamut from eagles to double bogeys. Here are two of her top tips to help your resume stand out:

Firstly, save your compliments. Standard reference letters from colleagues are expected, but unprompted feedback from relative strangers can be more impactful. If you’ve hosted a tournament or worked an event and received positive feedback about your performance, include those notes or emails in your portfolio.

Second, quantify your accomplishments. Use metrics to prove your results to future employers. Highlight how many man-hours you saved by implementing a new strategy, how much money you saved on a project, or how much you grew the membership at your course.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

According to our 2024 Golf Course Superintendent Employment Trend Report, 80% of respondents are trying to improve their work-life balance. This is a challenge for golf executives dealing with finicky boards of directors, shifting strategies, and industry changes.

Jacqueline discussed tips she and her husband have implemented at home to help him succeed as a course superintendent, spouse, and father of two young children.

“Tactically, we’ve had to organize ourselves a lot better,” she said.

Enjoy this episode of Leadership on the Links with Jacqueline Severidt!


“My favorite thing is that I’m helping people to achieve their dream jobs.”

“There’s never a time I work with a client that I do not ask for more metrics.”

“Let people know who you are, because they don’t want to work with someone they don’t like.”

“For families, it’s like whiplash. You can hardly get into a routine, and then it’s changing.”

“If you have cabins on the property, you never know what you’re going to find under the sprinkler heads in the morning.”

Links mentioned in this episode:

Tyler Bloom Consulting: https://tylerbloomconsulting.com/

Severidt Consulting: https://www.severidtconsulting.com/

Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqueline-severidt-18653136/

Email Jacqueline at: jacqueline@severidtconsulting.com

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