3 Most In-Demand Skills for 2024

In 2024, hiring teams will focus more on skills vs. education. But which skills are the most in-demand? Based on my conversations with club management, leadership-based communication and emotional intelligence top the list. Professionalism is a close third.

Leadership-based communication

You don’t need to be in a leadership role to adopt leadership-based communication. At any level, it’s an important skill to have — and a career-advancing one too. Leadership-based communication includes and inspires your colleagues. It gains others’ trust, encourages collaboration and creates a positive environment. It includes active listening, empathy, and transparency.  

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is your ability to understand and manage or respond to emotions, both your own and others’. People with high EQ tend to be good at building relationships, resolving conflicts, and motivating coworkers. A high EQ is also good for more selfish reasons. People with high emotional intelligence tend to be strong leaders and are more likely to be promoted. One study even showed that the higher your emotional intelligence, the higher your salary.

How do you measure your own EQ? Let’s use this assessment from the Predictive Index to start.


This should be a basic tool in every job seeker’s bag, but it’s often lacking. Infuse professionalism into every touchpoint you have with a potential employer: starting with your application. Because it’s such a rarity today, professionalism can be a key differentiator that helps you land the job. And it really isn’t that difficult. Find out how you can incorporate it into your job search in my new blog post, Is This Missing From Your Job Search?

About The Author

Tyler Bloom is the founder of Tyler Bloom Consulting. A former golf course superintendent and turf professional, Tyler’s love of all things golf began at the age of six when he stepped onto the course for the first time. 

Tyler has an Executive Certificate in Talent Acquisition from Cornell University and a degree in Turfgrass Science from Penn State University. With 20 years of experience in the golf and turfgrass industry, Tyler has worked directly with reputable club leaders at some of the most prestigious clubs to place over 200 professionals in executive and management-level positions throughout the United States.